My Dreams

Everybody have their dreams. Everybody have their own rule. Everybody have their own promises...
So do I...

My wish list that will come true :
  • Building a small business. A place like cafe or "Kedai Minuman". I enjoying serving people who need what i sell. Not a big one, just small place. But spreading in many location. Serving many kind of drink : coffee, tea, ginger, milk, even a juices. [2014 resolution : startup falling]
  • Supporting a foundation that encourage people about information and knowledge. Something that i tried in "Taman Bacaan" or library and book corner that everybody can sit and read what they want to read--and i hope it is usefull for them or the community. Hopely i can supporting kind of publishing newsletter. [2013 resolution : TBK] [2016 resolution : yayasan]
  • Married with a good wifes. Who is the good wifes ? She is who protect family treasure, keep her pride and honour as a moslem, lovely person, and supporting me in family. I have seen many good personal woman that i liked to fill this possitions. [2016 resolution : keep learning, praying, and asking forgiveness]
  • Have so many children. Hahaha... I know that this is maybe something rude and just to make a fun but i want to build a great family that remembering about (and always) gratefully and praying to God, Alloh Subhanallohu wa Ta'ala. I tried to praying as The Prophet Ibrahim AS always pray for his family. [2016 resolution : hafidz boy]
  • I bring Zakat directly or through other organization (amil) who is concern about Zakat.
  • I want go to Makkah for Haji. InsyaAlloh, i brought my family and my relatives go too.
  • I want to finishing and publishing my book !
  • I have a good area building that supporting my need about home, library, rest place, and empowerment.
  • Have a few small home-sweet-home with a good park and a few tree. Need green one.
  • I involve in supporting a park. A good park that provide family and children need about field to play and relaxing. [2016 resolution : yayasan]
  • I have a good business on MICE Working.
  • Empowering more people about life and learning and their potential for growing better life. [2016 resolution : consultation, yayasan]
  • Have a trip to Lombok Island, Ujung Genteng, Bunaken, Raja Ampat, Aceh, Padang, Norway, Finland, China, Japan, Peru, Swtizerland...
just some kind of dream ?

... step by step ...
... soon ...

1 komentar:

  1. "Married with a good wifes". Singular to be with plural noun. So which one? Satu atau banyak? JITAK!



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