Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

Song of The Lonely Moutain

Far over the Misty Mountains rise 
Lead us standing upon the height  
What was before we see once more 
Is our kingdom a distant light

Fiery mountain beneath a moon  
The words aren't spoken, we'll be there soon  
For home a song that echoes on  
And all who find us will know the tune

Some folk we never forget  
Some kind we never forgive 
Haven't seen the back of us yet  
We'll fight as long as we live

All eyes on the hidden door 
To the Lonely Mountain  
We'll ride in the gathering storm 
Until we get our long forgotten gold  

We lay under the Misty Mountains cold  
 In slumbers deep, and dreams of gold  
We must awake, our lives to make  
And in the darkness a torch we hold
From long ago where lanterns burned  
Until this day our hearts have yearned  
A fate unknown, the Arkenstone  
What was stolen must be returned

We must away ere break of day  
To find our song for heart and soul

Some folk we never forget 
Some kind we never forgive  
Haven't seen the end of it yet  
We'll fight as long as we live
All eyes on the hidden door  
To the Lonely Mountain bourne  
We'll ride in the gathering storm  
Till we get our long forgotten gold
Far away the Misty Mountains cold.


Tergerak dari film "Hobbit".
Sebuah syair para Dwarf yang rindu akan rumah tempat tinggalnya. Sebuah kegetiran dan kepedihan perjuangan untuk dapat kembali pulang. Terimakasih Platinum Cineplex atas kesempatan yang disediakan.

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