Kamis, 16 Agustus 2012

Nyepik-Nyepik => romantic, bluffing, jealousy, bored

Arrgh, jadi emosi ...

being cruel

my little brother scream because his older brother

my women also nyepik-nyepik

hahah, what is "nyepik-nyepik" otherwise ?

it seems "nyepik-nyepik" is a slang words for speak-speaking. And using for something romantic, bluffing, bored time, etc.

How do i know that ?

Dunno where it come from. But i got it from my girl. she says that it's a slang languange for youth-street now a day. Something weird that i always using this word just to share how my feeling. Not to mention directly but i am on jealousy. Some kind of normal condition on me. I am always jealous.

She might feel my jealousy is something my own privacy and she doesn't involve in that way.
How come ?? and when she always doing in her own... i try not to bother my jealousy. keep calm. try another place to feel free. thats something i learned.

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