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Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

I like your beauty . . .and... make up your inner beauty please

nothing else if you can find someone special... his/her appereance will be your first step to loving someone.

his/her appereance that would be something tangible and also intangible. something real and imaginary. physically and mentally.
I like your beauty, but please ... do not ever to stand far me with silent mode and then i knowing you speak-up to a lot people. Bullshit !!

Knowing your someone special not to talk with you because a bad moment maybe something always happen and can be solve in the name of love.

but... knowing your someone special SCREAM and TALK to other PEOPLE while he/her keep in silent on you ....  .. !
thats... mean maybe you should go alone and TRY TO HIT A GARBAGE basket, KICK THE DOOR, AND PUNCH THE WALL!!!



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